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ray ban glasses for men

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Should you aren't sure which pair is for you, try the classics such because the Ray-Ban® Justin , Ray-Ban® Authentic Wayfarer® and Ray-Ban® Aviator sunglasses. Timeless in essence and revolutionary in design, Ray-Ban® glasses function a look that can suit any era. Perfect imaginative and prescient is in plain sight. Grab a pair of Ray-Ban® glasses and you may enjoy great type for many years to come back.

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Ray-Ban first achieved notoriety with the introduction of its modern and distinctive Aviator sun shades in the Nineteen Thirties—a mode still immensely fashionable. These prescription sunnies are examples of outstanding high quality in a classic, daring type. Discover all kinds of traditional and contemporary shapes, together with Wayfarers, Aviators, Clubmasters, rounds, rectangles, and squares, each customized with prime-high quality Ray-Ban lenses in your individual prescription. Select styles that hold true to Ray-Ban's roots, or snap up a modern body that riffs on the basic.

Simply because they are marked "Made in China" does not imply that they are fake. Since Luxottica's acquisition, Ray Bans are all the time marked with either "Made in Italy," "Handmade in Italy," or "Made in China," relying on what mannequin they are. Jr. Ray Ban models, for example, are made in China.