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Once once more the SFPD has disenchanted the family. We had hope, after contacting the captain on Friday and he promised to answer our listing of questions on Monday, but he by no means did. Voicemails and emails left for the detective, sergeant and captain have gone unanswered. I never in my life have encountered so much dysfunction. Fortunately, I not often in my life had to take care of regulation enforcement. However I do watch Blue Bloods and the Reagan family would find this police behavior unacceptable. If solely Frank Reagan was the Chief of Police on this case.

January 5th - At this time marks one yr that Randy launched into his remaining journey to find Forrest Fenn's hidden treasure. We'll never know what he was pondering when he pushed off on his raft and commenced his 9 mile trek down the Rio Grande. I could think about how confident he felt that he lastly nailed the spot as a result of why else would he have risked his life to make that journey. Yet, as we know he perished and his household remains at a loss. His associates throughout his lifetime and after his demise are additionally at a loss. Randy's decision leaves us all perplexed.

Co zabawne, są to słowa z jego oryginalnego raportu. Bo gdy ten dotarł do Londyny to tamtejszy polski rząd go szybciutko ocenzurował. ile wtedy miało to jeszcze sens, to dzisiaj już nie musimy swojej historii pisać jak opowiadań Marvela, gdzie my zawsze jesteśmy dobrzy a oni źli.

I have been reading comments on social media sites. Shameless individuals who sit of their armchairs, behind a display screen and choose folks. Most of all judge Randy. Nobody has any idea what his plans had been. What provides he had with him. They could assume all they need, but when certainly one of their pals or family members were to go lacking they might think in any other case.